Liquid Elements Glass / Pane Sealing - Set Basic

Liquid Elements Glass / Pane Sealing - Set Basic
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Liquid Elements Glass / Pane Sealing - Set Basic The Liquid Elements Glass / Window... more

Liquid Elements Glass / Pane Sealing - Set Basic

The Liquid Elements Glass / Window Sealing - Set Basic optimally simplifies and accelerates the protection on the windows of the vehicle with the help of the ceramic sealing components.

Set consisting of:





Liquid Elements Glass Freezer Ceramic Glass Sealing

Glass Freezer is a ceramic glass sealant for all types of glass and panes.The ingredients are based on ceramic components that give the product its absolutely strong performance. From about 50 km/h, a windscreen wiper is no longer required because the rain simply runs through the protected surface. The cleaning of the treated surfaces is also enormously simplified.


  • from 50 km/h the water simply flows off
  • Ceramic components
  • Easy to use
  • For all types of glass and panes
  • Also suitable for house and garden
  • Service life: approx. 3-6 months (depending on the load)
  • 100ml is enough for approx. 30 windscreens or approx. 10 complete vehicles


  1. Shake the product properly
  2. Thoroughly clean the disc with Liquid Elements See You and dry it without leaving any residue
  3. Spread on the disc with a Sponge Applicator so that a closed layer forms
  4. Leave on for about 5-10 sec., and then polish properly with an Eraser microfiber cloth
  5. Repeat the process 1 x after 20 minutes for a perfect result
  6. After application, do not expose to rain for at least 12 hours so that the layer can harden.


  • Do not apply to hot surfaces.
  • For car/truck front + side windows
  • For glass panes in the household and on buildings
  • ph value at 20°C = ~5



Liquid Elements Eraser Microfiber Towel 40x40cm 250GSM

The Eraser Microfiber towel is specially designed to remove the excess when applying ceramic coatings after processing, such as the Liquid Elements Eco Shield and the Base Coat 9H. Due to the special microfiber structure, the Eraser has a very soft and flexible fiber, which at the same time ensures a strong performance and precise absorption of ceramic excesses without having to remove too many ceramic components or damage the surface. In addition, the thin fiber structure guarantees a grippy feeling in order to be able to build up the necessary pressure on the surface.


  • Specially developed fibers for the removal of the excesses of ceramic coatings
  • Size: 40x40 cm
  • Weight: 250 GSM
  • Borderless ultrasonic cut
  • Can be used on any surface
  • Very gentle and efficient microfiber structure


  1. Knock out towel strongly
  2. Fold the Eraser and place it on the treated surface
  3. Wipe off the coarse excess of the ceramic coating in a web
  4. Turn the cloth over and put it back on the surface
  5. Wipe off any remaining surpluses of the ceramic coating completely without pressure until no residues can be seen


  • No "normal" cloths should be used for the shield system, as the perfect removal of ceramic coatings can only be ensured with the Eraser.
  • Washable at up to 60°C in the washing machine (preferably with microfiber detergent)
  • Knock out the cloth after the washing process and hang it to dry (a tumble dryer can also be used in the gentle cycle for microfiber towel)
  • Do not continue to use microfiber cloths if they are dirty / contaminated, for example if they have had contact with the ground by chance when used.

Material composition:

  • 80% polyester
  • 20% polyamide


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Customer evaluation for "Liquid Elements Glass / Pane Sealing - Set Basic"
28 Feb 2021

Klasse Versieglung

Leichte Anwendung und ein Top Ergebnis. Wird in Zukunft die einzige Glas-versiegelung bleiben für mich

23 Jan 2020

sehr gutes Set

Top Produkte einfach in der Anwendung und super Performance ??

5 Mar 2019


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