Liquid Elements Wash KIT 6-piece

Liquid Elements Wash KIT 6-piece
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Gentle and thorough hand washing, proper drying and clean rims! This KIT will assist you.... more

Gentle and thorough hand washing, proper drying and clean rims!
This KIT will assist you.

KIT includes:

1x - Liquid Elements Pearl Rain Car Shampoo Concentrate 1000ml
1x - Liquid Elements Dust Cracker 1000ml
1x - Liquid Elements Chubby 2.0 Wash-Mitt
1x - Liquid Elements Grit Guard 3.5 GAL / 13.25 liter wash bucket
1x - L iquid Elements Silverback XL Drying Cloth
1x - Liquid Elements Blue Breeze Microfibre Cloth


Pearl Rain Car Shampoo by Liquid Elements is a high-quality washing shampoo
for easy exterior cleaning of motor vehicles.
Even for heavily soiled vehicles, Pearl Rain has a very good cleaning effect Excellent foaming, as well as the pleasant odor, make this car shampoo
one of the best sellers of Liquid Elements.
Everything that remains after washing is a wonderfully glossy vehicle.

  • High quality surfactants and ingredients
  • Very good cleaning performance
  • Pleasant smell
  • gloss that stimulates
  • Excellent foaming
  • For the complete outdoor area
  • Gentle on waxing and sealing
  • ph-neutral

    1. Shake first
    2. pour approx. 50ml into 5 liters of water
    3. Distribute wash mitt in the bucket
    4. Clean from top to bottom, wash the glove in between and pick up new foam
    5. Rinse residues with high-pressure cleaner

      • Do not use on warm surfaces
      • Do not let it dry.

        Works with:
        • Chubby 2.0 Waschhandschuh < / a>
        • Monster Mitt Waschhandschuh
        • Silverback XL dry cloth
        • Orange Baby Xl Drying Cloth

          • Content: 1000 milliliters car shampoo concentrate
          • Dosage recommendation: about 50ml to 5 liters of water
          • bottle is enough for about 20 cars golf class.


            Labeling according to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008:

            The product is classified and labeled according to the CLP Regulation.

            GHS07 -

            Signal word:


            Hazard statements:

            H319 Causes serious eye irritation.


            P101 If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand.
            P102 Keep out of the reach of children.
            P280 Wear eye / face protection.
            P305 + P351 + P338 IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes.
            If possible, remove any existing contact lenses. Continue rinsing.
            P337 + P313 If eye irritation persists: Get medical advice / attention.


            Dust Cracker is an acid-free, reactive rim cleaner
            for gentle cleaning of all rim types.
            Thorough and effective treatment with high-quality surfactants and performance indicators.

            • Applicable on all rim types:
              • Chrome rims, alloy wheels, steel wheels
              • high gloss density, powder coated, lacquered, etc.
              • Pleasant odor despite performance indicator
              • Very strong cleaning performance
              • Gentle cleaning
              • Acid-free
              • Suitable as a rust remover on paint
              • ph skin neutral

                1. Shake first
                2. Spray on cool rim and wet completely
                3. ca. Leave for 1 minute (not longer than 3 minutes)
                4. Remove residues with water jet

                  • Very stubborn dirt can be removed with a wheel brush or a microfibre cloth before rinsing.
                  • There should be no residue left on the rim (rinse off properly)
                  • Do not use on warm rims
                  • Do not let it dry.

                    Works with:
                    • Furby Rim Brush
                    • Value Microfibre Cloth

                      • Contents: 1000 milliliter wheel cleaner with spray bottle
                      • Bottle is enough for about 10 sets of rims


                        Labeling according to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008:

                        The product is classified and labeled according to the CLP Regulation.

                        GHS07 -

                        Signal word:


                        Hazard statements:

                        H302 Harmful if swallowed.
                        H317 May cause an allergic skin reaction.


                        P101 If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand.
                        P102 Keep out of the reach of children.
                        P260 Do not breathe spray.
                        P270 Do not eat, drink or smoke when using.
                        P280 Wear protective gloves.
                        P301 + P312 IF SWALLOWED: Call a POISON CENTER / doctor / manufacturer if you feel unwell.
                        P302 + P352 IF ON SKIN: Wash with plenty of soap and water.
                        P501 Content / Deliver container to authorized waste disposal service or municipal collection point.

                        Liquid Elements "Chubby 2.0" Wash Mitt < / strong>

                        Element for Step 1 - Washing

                        Washcloth "Chubby" made of Plush Chenilla fibers

                        The new improved Blue Edition in an attractive design for even more fun in car care .

                        Carrying on is very easy and easy on the clothes with the Chubby, the wash mitt with

                        allows its long fibers of chenille plush to work super soft and scratch free. < / span>


                        - Plush chenilla fibers for absolutely scratch-free working
                        - Pleasant size, fits well in the hand
                        -Stretch bracelet for optimal grip
                        -High quality processed for long life
                        -Round around made of fibers stocked -after use, simply put up to 60 degrees in the washing machine and the washing glove is clean again.

                        80% Polyester
                        20% Polyamide


                        Liquid Elements washing bucket 13.25 liters incl. Grit Guard insert

                        The white transparent wash bucket with its transparent frosted glass look and additionally very robust construction is perfect for any type of washing application, whether car, truck, boat or plane.
                        Thanks to the included GritGuard wash insert, dirt and stones are prevented , which are rinsed out of a wash mitt or the like, repeatedly whirled up and landed back in the wash mitt.


                        1 x Liquid Elements Grit Guard 13,25 liter wash bucket white transparent
                        1 x Grit Guard bucket insert 12 "orange


                        Liquid Elements Silverback XL is one of the most popular microfibre dry wipes available on the market.
                        The soft fibers guarantee an absolutely gentle drying and are extra for one enormous water absorption has been developed.
                        The XL variant of Silverback with the dimensions 80x50cm,
                        is ideal for large surfaces, and dries an entire car easily.
                        The perfect price-performance ratio, a constant top quality and longevity,
                        make this product one of the bestsellers of Liquid Elements.

                        • Dimensions: 80x50cm
                        • GSM: 1200 (grams per square meter)
                        • Fibers: Plush Chenille Fibers
                        • Edge: soft microfiber border
                        • Washable: up to 60 ° C without softener (we recommend Towel Reset as detergent)

                          • Extremely gentle fibers
                          • Enormous water intake
                          • Ideal for small areas and spaces
                          • Premium microfibers

                            • Mobile-drying

                              • 80% polyester
                              • 20% polyamide

                                Liquid Elements "Blue Breeze 2.0" Allround Cloth

                                Allround-Cloth soft and borderless
                                Blue Breeze 2.0 is a very soft all-round cloth without edge. This is made with ultrasonic waves, so that no hard edges as in laser cutting arise.
                                Diest makes Blue Breeze 2.0 perfect for all applications around sensitive surfaces.
                                Its extremely soft microfibers and easy handling make the cloth "Liquid Elements Blue Breeze 2.0 "to a reliable assistant in car care.
                                The microfibre cloth is particularly suitable for polishing out waxes, for streak-free cleaning of smooth surfaces and for effective high-gloss polishing.

                                All common paint surfaces

                                - Size: 40 x 40 cm
                                - Weight: 350 GSM
                                - Edge: Ultrasonic Wave Cut Microfiber Edge
                                - Fiber: Ultra microfibre

                                Note: Soft fibers do not create micro-scratches on paint or glass

                                What's in the box:
                                1 x Blue Breeze 2.0 Allround Microfiber Cloth

                                80% Polyester
                                20% Polyamide

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14 Oct 2020

Gutes Set

Preis Leistung Top, alles was man braucht!

7 Sep 2020

Top Produkte

Ich bin mega zufrieden mit den Produkten hatte bis jetzt weder so ein gutes Shampoo oder so einen guten Felgenreiniger ich bestelle ab jetzt nur noch hier ??????

4 Mar 2019

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