Dust Cracker Extreme - Wheel Cleaner, 1L

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Liquid Elements Dust Cracker Extreme, Premium - Wheel Cleaner

The Liquid Elements Dust Cracker Extreme is the most powerful pH-neutral wheel cleaner on the car care market! Dust Cracker Extreme, from Liquid Elements, is a highly intensive, acid-free, reactive premium wheel cleaner for gentle cleaning of all wheel types. The pH-neutral yet highly effective formula of the wheel cleaner is an innovation in the car care market and offers the right cleaning solution for every type of dirt. Primarily, the Dust Cracker Extreme was developed for very strong dirt, such as burned-in brake dust on wheels of any kind. This dirt is gently loosened to the surface of the wheel, so that the dirt can be removed efficiently.

Continuous development and improvement of the performance of the Dust Cracker wheel cleaner is ensured by development and quality assurance measures.

Application of the Dust Cracker Extreme:

  1. Shake the Liquid Elements Dust Cracker Extreme bottle before use
  2. Let the Dust Cracker Extreme act for about 3-5 minutes
  3. Remove residues with water jet or high-pressure cleaner
  4. Remove stubborn residues if necessary with a clean microfiber cloth (will not be necessary in most cases)

Properties of the Liquid Element Dust Cracker Extreme:

  • The most powerful pH-neutral wheel cleaner on the market
  • Applicable to all wheel types
  • Extreme high-quality ingredients
  • Extreme strong cleaning power
  • Extreme gentle cleaning power
  • Extreme acid-free
  • Extreme pH-neutral
  • Extreme gel-like consistency

Difference Dust Cracker Extreme and Dust Cracker

What is the difference compared to the Dust Cracker wheel cleaner? For lightly used and dirty wheels, the "normal" Dust Cracker is still the first choice. However, the Dust Cracker Extreme (the extreme version) offers some additional specials for the user.

1. Gel-like consistency of the Dust Cracker Extreme

Gel-like consistency: Due to its extreme gel-like consistency, the Dust Cracker Extreme stays significantly longer on the sprayed surface and can thus penetrate even the most stubborn deposits and dirt, dissolve them, and make rinsing with a high-pressure cleaner easier.

2. Extreme intensive surfactants of the Dust Cracker Extreme

Extreme intensive surfactants: The Dust Cracker Extreme has a highly effective and even stronger surfactant than the normal Liquid Elements Dust Cracker. This makes stubborn dirt and deposits dissolve even better and cleaning becomes even easier.

In summary, it can be said that these are two very different wheel cleaners, where it depends on the user which is the right choice for him.

The Dust Cracker:
For frequently washed, little driven and lightly - moderately dirty wheels.

The Dust Cracker Extreme:
For heavily soiled wheels from e.g. frequent drivers or users who do not manage to regularly wash the vehicle and the wheels.

Important question about the Dust Cracker Extreme

Maybe you have questions about the new Liquid Elements Dust Cracker Extreme. Big performance does not mean that it attacks the wheels. We have taken a closer look at the question about the Dust Cracker Extreme:

Does the Dust Cracker Extreme attack the material or wheel sealants?

This question can definitely be answered with NO. Due to the pH-neutral formula and the high-quality and rare, cleaning ingredients that are not material-damaging, the Liquid Elements Dust Cracker Extreme wheel cleaner can be used safely on all materials.

All known materials for wheels are 100% compatible and can be cleaned with the Dust Cracker Extreme. These include:

  • Painted wheels
  • Steel wheels
  • Aluminum wheels
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