SMELLOW Exquisite Laundry - Interior Fragrance Air Freshener

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Liquid Elements Smellow Fragrance Sprays - The Interior Fragrance for Your Vehicle With Liquid... more

Liquid Elements Smellow Fragrance Sprays - The Interior Fragrance for Your Vehicle

With Liquid Elements Smellows, you give your vehicle interior a very special fragrance note. High-quality fragrance ingredients provide an excellent, incomparable fragrance experience. Ideal for completing the interior cleaning of your vehicle or for refreshing in between. Alternatively, all Smellows can also be used in the household.

Jump into spring: Classic spring flowers
Lawnmower: Wet, freshly mowed grass
Peony: Sweetly fresh scent
Cherry Tec: Cherry
Strawberry blush: Strawberry
Banana!!: Banana
Pina Colada: Coconut, pineapple
One in a melon: Honeydew melon
Watermelon: Watermelon
KiBa: Cherry, banana
Peach: Peach
Lime: Lime
Grape: Grape
Mango: Mango
Unicorn: Cotton candy
Licorice: Licorice
Lingerie: Women's perfume
Bubble Gum: Chewing gum
Cookie: Cookie dough
Vanilla: Vanilla pod
Coconut: Coconut
Mint: Peppermint
Leather: Tanned leather
No.1: Men's perfume
Chocolate Dream: Chocolate
Witch, please!: Sour apple rings
Circus Sweets: Popcorn

Features of Liquid Elements Smellow:

  • Unique scent
  • High-quality fragrance ingredients
  • No sticking of the sprayed surfaces
  • Compact format, fits in the glove compartment or in any pocket

Application of Liquid Elements Smellow:

  1. Shake the bottle properly
  2. Spray 5-8 shots onto a floor mat or other textile surface
  3. Repeat the process for a more intense smell or to refresh
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