SMELLOW Bubble Gum Burst - Interior Fragrance Air Freshener

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Liquid Elements Smellow Air Fresheners - The Interior Fragrance for Your Vehicle With... more

Liquid Elements Smellow Air Fresheners - The Interior Fragrance for Your Vehicle

With Smellow's from Liquid Elements, you give your vehicle interior a very special fragrance note. High-quality fragrance ingredients provide an excellent, incomparable fragrance experience. Ideal for the completion of the vehicle interior - cleaning or anytime to refresh in between. Alternatively, all Smellows can also be used in the household.

Jump into spring: Classic spring flowers
Lawnmower: Wet, freshly mowed grass
Peony: Sweetly fresh scent
Cherry Tec: Cherry
Strawberry blush: Strawberry
Banana!!: Banana
Pina Colada: Coconut, pineapple
One in a melon: Honeydew melon
Watermelon: Watermelon
KiBa: Cherry, banana
Peach: Peach
Lime: Lime
Grape: Grape
Mango: Mango
Unicorn: Cotton candy
Licorice: Licorice
Lingerie: Women's perfume
Bubble Gum: Chewing gum
Cookie: Cookie dough
Vanilla: Vanilla pod
Coconut: Coconut
Mint: Peppermint
Leather: Tanned leather
No.1: Men's perfume
Chocolate Dream: Chocolate
Witch, please!:  Sour apple rings
Circus Sweets: Popcorn

Features of Liquid Elements Smellow:

  • Unique scent
  • High-quality fragrance ingredients
  • No sticking of the sprayed surfaces
  • Compact size, fits in the glove compartment or in any pocket.

Application of Liquid Elements Smellow:

  1. Shake the bottle properly
  2. Spray 5-8 shots onto a floor mat or other textile surface.
  3. For a more intense smell or to refresh, repeat the process.
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