Valentine's Day Gift Box

Valentine's Day Gift Box
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Valentine's Day Gift Box The Valentine's Day Gift Box in limited edition of Liquid... more

Valentine's Day Gift Box

The Valentine's Day Gift Box in limited edition of Liquid Elements in the sexy underwear version is the perfect gift for the loved ones. The box contains all Liquid Elements sexy underwear products. The products are packed in a specially designed and exclusive Valentine's Day box, which already leaves a very good and emotional impression visually when giving away.


Valentine's Day Gift Box Sexy Underwear includes:

· 1 x Liquid Elements lingerie Car Shampoo 1000ml

· 1 x Liquid Elements Air Freshened Fragrance Tree Sexy Underwear

· 1 x Liquid Elements lingerie detailer 1000ml

· 1 x Liquid Elements Smellow interior fragrance sexy underwear 100ml


Liquid Elements lingerie Car Shampoo 1000ml

The sexy underwear from Liquid Elements is a high-quality washing shampoo for easy exterior cleaning of motor vehicles.Even with heavily polluted vehicles, the irritant wash offers a very good cleaning effect.An excellent foaming, as well as the pleasant smell, make this car shampoo a "must have". Everything that remains after the laundry is a wonderfully shiny vehicle.


  • High-quality surfactants and ingredients
  • Very good cleaning performance
  • Pleasant smell
  • Gloss-enhancing
  • Excellent foaming
  • For the complete outdoor area
  • Gentle to waxing and sealing
  • ph-neutral


  1. Shake first
  2. ca.50ml to 10 liters of water
  3. Distribute with a washing glove in the bucket
  4. Clean from top to bottom, wash out gloves in the meantime and absorb new foam
  5. Rinse residues with high-pressure cleaner


  • Do not apply on warm surfaces
  • Do not let it dry

Works with:


    • Content: 1000 milliliters of autoshampoo concentrate
    • Dosage recommendation: approx. 50ml on 5-10 liters of water

· Bottle is enough for about 20 cars Golf class

Liquid Elements lingerie detailer

The Liquid Elements sexy wash detailer is the optimal solution for a short refresher in between. Spray - wipe and ready. Leaves a beautiful shine and a well-beading surface.Ideal for use at events, trade fairs or for car dealerships in the sales rooms.Can also be used in the household. Do not use on surfaces where smoothness is undesirable. Suitable for all surfaces in the vehicle exterior area.Also applicable to film.


· Applicable on all paint surfaces

· Cleans and seals the surface

· Streak-free results

· Leaves a glossy finish


1. Shake first

2. Spray in the area to be treated

3. Wipe with clean microfiber cloth until no more residues can be seen.


· Do not use for coarse dirt

· Do not apply to hot surfaces

· Shake before use

· Protect against frost

· Do not let it dry

Works with:

· Pepper Mint Microfiber Cloth

· Waxer All-Round Microfiber Cloth

· Ultra Finish Microfiber Finish Cloth


Variant 1000ml
Delivery: Sexy laundry detailer in spray bottle


Liquid Elements fragrance tree sexy underwear

The Liquid Elements fragrance trees consist of a absorbent, open-pored, felt-like cardboard box. As a result, the original irritant wash fragrance can penetrate into the fibers in the best possible way and ensures the longest possible fragrance experience. The fragrance tree is uv-resistant printed from both sides, so that the unique look remains consistently good.


· Smell: The scented trees smell of our special lingerie fragrance, which is known from the following products, among others:

o Irritant wash shampoo

o Smellow wash

o Lingerie detailer

· Hanging by means of attached rubber band

· Single packed in polybag

· Print: 4/4-color on special box

· Dimensions: 84x65 mm


1. Get fragrance tree out of the packaging

2. Hang up the scented tree, e.B. on the interior mirror in the vehicle interior


· The scent tree can be thrown away after use in normal household waste and does not have to be disposed of in hazardous waste.


Liquid Elements Smellow Interior Fragrance Sexy Underwear

With the Smellow's from Liquid Elements, you give your vehicle interior a very special fragrance.High-quality fragrance ingredients ensure an excellent, not comparable fragrance experience.Ideal for completing the vehicle interior - cleaning or at any time to refresh in between.Alternatively, all Smellows can be used in the household.

Features Liquid Elements Smellow:

· Unique fragrance

· High-quality fragrance ingredients

· No bonding or discoloration of the sprayed surfaces

· Handy format, fits in the glove compartment or in any pocket.

Application Liquid Elements Smellow:

1st bottle shake properly

2. Spray 5-8 sprays on a floor mat or other substrate of textile.

3. Repeat for more intense odor or refresher process




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