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Liquid Elements A3000 - Polished KIT 9 pieces

Liquid Elements A3000 - Polier KIT 9-teilig
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The perfect KIT with the brand new Liquid Elements A3000 cordless polishing machine as a... more

The perfect KIT with the brand new Liquid Elements A3000 cordless polishing machine as a highlight.

Matching the A3000 you will find in this set 2 matching high gloss polishing pads, with the matching 3in1 polish from Menzerna in the 250ml version. To remove the polish residues in this set is also the Value microfibre cloth set of 5. In order to protect the polished paint neatly afterwards we have added the Gloss Boost spray seal including accessories.
So that the whole article can also be transported neatly, there is also a Liquid
Elements transport bag.

KIT consisting of:

Liquid Elements A3000 Battery Polishing Machine 10mm Hub
Liquid Elements Transport Bag; Polishing Machine pocket; Carrying Case for Menzerna One Step Polish 3 in 1 Cut, Gloss & Wax 250ml
Liquid Elements Centriforce High Gloss Polishing Sponge Yellow (Fine) 125mm (2x)
Liquid Elements Value Microfiber Cloth Pack of 4 40x40cm 350 GSM Liquid Gloss Gloss Booster Spray 1000ml
Liquid Elements Purple Monster Microfibre Cloth 40x40cm 1800GSM
Sponge Bobb Microfibre Sponge


Liquid Elements A3000 Battery Polisher 10mm Hub

The Liquid Elements A3000 cordless polishing machine is manufactured under strict controls, professionally for the automotive industry.
The ergonomic design and the slim machine body let the A3000 < The electronics are geared for high speeds and constant torques.
A double-reduction gearbox provides significantly more torque than with commercially available gearboxes. < br> With the included replacement battery and a charging time that is approximately equal to the maximum runtime, the machine can be used in continuous operation.
The A3000 comes with a 125mm polyurethane backing pad . Due to the new brushless technology, efficiency and power output are significantly higher than standard brush motors.

  • 400 watts of power, output increased by brushedless technology
  • 10 mm eccentric stroke
  • Very powerful and low-vibration
  • For medium sized areas
  • Constant speed control with remote electronics.

    Technical Specifications:
    • Model: A3000
    • Orbital web (stroke): 10mm
    • Power consumption: 400W
    • Rotation speed (rotations per minute): 1400-2100 rpm
    • Operating voltage: 21V / 50Hz
    • Running time with full battery: approx. 45min
    • Charging time with empty battery: approx. 45min
    • Weight: 2.5 kg incl. battery

      • 1x A3000 battery polishing machine 10mm stroke
      • 2x 21V Lithium-Ion Batteries 4.0Ah
      • 1x Charging Station for Lithium-Ion Batteries (Input: 220-240v ~ 50Hz 60W) Output: 21V - 2A Max))
      • manual


        Liquid Elements Transport Bag; Polishing Machine pocket; Trunk-bag

        Liquid Elements Detailing Bag, the perfect companion for anyone looking for serious car care.
        The Liquid Element Carrying Bag has room for 1-2 polisher, backing pads, polishing pads and related fluids .
        The compartments have been perfectly matched to the Liquid Elements bottles and pads.
        High-quality workmanship and a robust fabric characterize this bag, the perfect complement to any polishing machine set

        In addition to the polishing machines, the bag offers space for about 4 pads and 5 bottles Dimensions: 45cm x 23cm x 20cm (L x H x W).


        Menzerna One Step Polish 3 in 1 Cut, Gloss & Wax 250ml

        Medium Cut polish, high gloss finish and seal in one.

        An all-round product from Menzerna that has no equal.
        Polishing sanding marks of a 3000 grit, reliably remove shadows and streaks and protect the resulting high gloss surface for a long time.
        You can do all this with just this one 3 in 1 product. < / span>

        And as if that were not enough positive traits, convinced the Menzerna 3 in 1 One Step Polish also with its simple and fast processing.
        Poliereinsteiger will enjoy this product.
        It is also ideal for the treatment of used and used cars .

        Cut: 5
        Gloss : 9

        You can:
        • Polishing, finishing and sealing in one process
        • 3000-slice removal
        • Noticeably smoother surface
        • Silicone Free
        • Overpaintable

          polishing tools:




          Step 1: rotary
          Step 2: rotary / eccentric
          Step 3: eccentric

          Process order for a perfect result:
          1. Menzerna One-Step Polish 3in1 < / li>
          2. Menzerna Endless Shine

            Content: 250ml
            Menzerna Article ID: 22748.281.001

            Attention: Our fake ones are bottles with the old labels (not like in the picture)

            However, the performance of the product has changed with the new label not


            Liquid Elements Centriforce High Gloss Polishing Sponge Yellow (Fine) 125mm (2x)

            The Liquid Elements "Centriforce" polishing sponges or polishing pads are a revolution in car care.
            For these polishing sponges the best possible foam from German production was used.
            The specially developed for vehicle care foam offers the best quality and promises a long life.
            The specially designed hole in the middle of the polishing sponges, provides better cooling and generates centrifugal forces, which center the effect of the polish and better use.

            For every application a matching pad has been developed in the Liquid Elements "Centriforce" series and the general processing industry is looking for the same in the industry.
            The Liquid Elements "Centriforce" polishing sponge series offers an unbeatable price / Performance ratio and is highly recommended especially for large-stroke machines from 10mm stroke.


            Color: yellow
            Purpose: Processing of finish and high gloss polishes
            Diameter of the foam: 145mm
            Diameter of the support plate Recording (Velcro): 130mm suitable for 125mm back plate.
            Height / Thickness: 30mm
            Surface structure: flat, with centered, conical hole


            Liquid Elements Value microfiber cloth 4-pack 40x40cm 350 GSM

            Microfibre cloth for easy work

            The microfiber cloth "Value" is for easy work on the car ( Rims, discs, removal of polish) suitable.

            The seamless microfiber border allows for a gentle and scratch-resistant surface treatment.


            - Size: 40x40 cm
            - Weight: 350 GSM
            - Fibers: short microfibers
            - Edge: rimless ultrasound cut

            - Note: Washable up to 60 ° C without fabric softener

            Delivery: = "font-family: arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"> 4x Liquid Elements Value Microfiber Cloth

            80% Polyester
            20% Polyamide


            Liquid Elements Gloss Boost Spray Sealant 1000ml

            Glossboost is ideal for showcars __in the Aisstellungsfahrzeuge or for vehicle handover.
            It enhances the gloss and seals the paint surface, also suitable for use after the car wash or for quick
            detailing Events and fairs.
            Apply on a clean surface!

            • High quality ingredients for a perfect result
            • Extreme shine and smoothness
            • Life of about 2-3 months
            • Easy to remove and remove
            • Easy to use with first-class results
            • Suitable for all paints
            • Ideal for in between at trade fairs, exhibitions and events
            • Perfect product for every dealership

              1. Shake first
              2. Spray on surface
              3. Distribute with an applicator like the Sponge Bobb
              4. ca. Wait 20 seconds and let it react
              5. Remove residue with a thick microfiber cloth such as the Purple Monster

                • Do not use on hot surfaces
                • Do not let it dry.

                  Works with:
                  • Sponge Bobb Hand Applicator
                  • Purple Monster Microfiber Cloth

                    • Contents: 1000 milliliters spray seal and gloss enhancer


                      Marking according to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008:


                      Liquid Elements Purple Monster Microfibre Cloth 40x40cm 1800GSM

                      The thickest microfiber cloth in the world!
                      The "Purple Monster" microfibre cloth is perfect for polishing out seals and waxes and for drying lacquer.
                      With its extremely fine plush chenille fibers, seals are effectively polished and not worn off like other cloths.

                      • Size: 40x40 cm
                      • Weight: 1800 GSM
                      • Fibers: Plush Chenille Fibers
                      • Edge: microfiber stitched for scratch-free working
                      • extreme fiber density
                      • Note: Washable up to 60 ° C without fabric softener

                        • Paint Finish
                        • Process dry laundry
                        • Polish waxes and sealers.
                        • Dry paint
                        • Perfect for plastic care or leather care.

                          Other data

                          Article number: T13

                          80% Polyester
                          20% Polyamide

                          Liquid Elements Sponge Bobb Microfiber Sponge

                          Liquid Elements" Sponge Bobb "Hand Polishing Sponge

                          Accessory element

                          Liquid Elements "Sponge Bobb" Hand Applicator

                          The hand polishing sponge "Liquid Elements Sponge Bobb" is the counterpart to the foam sponge "Schwabbel" and is the ideal companion for all types of applications.
                          "Sponge Bobb" supports a thin and even application of sealants such as "Gloss Boost"
                          and is also suitable for the convenient processing of waxes.


                          All Common Surfaces


                          Size: 13 x 9.5 cm

                          height: 4.5 cm < / p>

                          Ultramicro fiber keeps products in the first layer, enabling even application

                          High quality fibers that work well on sensitive paints


                          1 x Liquid Elements "Sponge Bobb" Hand Applicator

                          80% Polyester
                          20% Polyamide


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