Menzerna & Liquid Elements Polish and Pad's 125mm KIT 1 (9 pieces)

Menzerna & Liquid Elements Politur und Pad's 125mm KIT 1 (9-teilig)
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Content: 1 Kit

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Content: - Menzerna Power Lock Ultimate Protection Coating 250ml - Menzerna... more


- Menzerna Power Lock Ultimate Protection Coating
- Menzerna Heavy Cut Compound 400 abrasive polish 250ml
- Menzerna Super Finish 3500 High Gloss Polish 250ml - Liquid Elements Centriforce abrasive polishing sponge Burgundy (coarse) 125mm / 2 Pcs
- Liquid Elements Centriforce Polishing Sponge black (very fine) / 2 pcs. - Liquid Elements Centriforce Polishing Sponge Yellow (fine) / 2 pcs. _____________________________________

Menzerna Power Lock Ultimate Protection Paint Sealant 250ml

Polymer paint sealant for all car clearcoats

Menzerna Power Lock Ultimate Protection is a polymer-based paint sealer for all car-clear coatings.
In addition to the ultimate in deep gloss, a unique beading effect, this product also convinces in its lifetime.
Power Lock protects a lot Reliable against environmental influences, dirt, etc.
A seal of this kind not only protects your car, it also makes cleaning much simpler and guarantees a better value retention of the vehicle.
With this sealing technology of the newest generation from the house Menzerna results in huge benefits in the field of polymer paint sealing.

Extremely long service life
Maximum protection against environmental influences, dirt etc.
Premium - Abperlverhalten
Value retention of the vehicle

The processing can either be done with an eccentric polishing machine such as the Liquid Elements T3000
or even be applied by hand.

Contents: 250ml
Menzerna Article number 22070.281.001


Menzerna Heavy Cut Compound 400 Polishing 250ml

Polishes and creates shine in just one operation
The special grinding polish Heavy Cut Compound 400 from Menzerna,
is an innovative polishing polish, which leaves a dazzling impression everywhere and everywhere .
It was specially developed and produced for automotive clearcoats.
In record time, sanding marks are removed.
Thanks to the latest polishing technology with split polishing grain
, work is possible right down to the finishing area.
Cut : 8
Gloss: 8

Polishes and creates shine in one operation
Time savings through one-step work (Cut to Finish)
High work efficiency
High gloss

rotary, eccentric

Contents: 250ml
Menzerna Article number: 22759.281.001


Menzerna Super Finish 3500 Gloss Polishing 250ml

High gloss polish for perfect mirror shine
The High Gloss Swirl Remover Super Finish 3500 from the house of Menzerna is a master of all classes. In addition to polishing marks, streaks and holograms, it also removes micro-scratches from the paint.
It also guarantees absolute depth luster on all automotive clearcoats.
The SF3500 is the former SF 4000 and enjoys the greatest customer satisfaction worldwide.
Cut: 3
Gloss: 10

Benefits of Menzerna Super Finish 3500:
Finest Abrasive for Removing Grayshades and Holograms
Brilliant Deep Gloss

Processing: rotary, eccentric, manual

Content: 250ml
Menzerna Article number: 22911.281.001


Liquid Elements Centriforce polishing sponges burgundy, black, yellow

The Liquid Elements "Centriforce" polishing sponges or polishing pads are a revolution in car care.
For these polishing sponges the best possible foam from German production was used.
The specially developed for vehicle care foam offers the best quality and promises a long life.
The specially designed hole in the middle of the polishing sponges, provides better cooling and generates centrifugal forces, which center the effect of the polish and better use.

For every application a matching pad has been developed in the Liquid Elements "Centriforce" series and the general processing industry is looking for the same in the industry.
The Liquid Elements "Centriforce" polishing sponge series offers an unbeatable price / Performance ratio and is highly recommended especially for large-stroke machines from 10mm stroke.


Diameter of the foam: 145mm
Diameter of the support plate Recording (Velcro): 130mm suitable for 125mm Backing pad.
Height / Thickness: 30mm
Surface structure: flat, with centered, conical hole

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