Interior - plastic - set

Interior - plastic - set

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The interior plastic set is the perfect solution for cleaning and maintaining all plastic surfaces in your vehicle. Ideal for dashboards, door panels and other interior plastic parts. With the interior plastic set you can not only achieve thorough cleaning, but also visibly refresh and protect your plastic surfaces.

Contents of the set:

  1. Liquid Elements Insider Textile and Interior Cleaner 1.0L: High-quality cleaner for vehicle interiors, particularly suitable for textiles.
  2. Liquid Elements Back in Black Gel 500ml: Effective product that helps tires and plastic parts look like new and shine.
  3. Liquid Elements Bilateral interior microfiber cloth 40x40cm, 380gsm: Premium microfiber cloths for effective and gentle cleaning.
  4. Sponge Applicator 102x22 mm Hand applicator: Soft foam applicators for even application.