Interior accessories - set

Interior accessories - set

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The interior accessories set is your comprehensive companion for careful cleaning and care of the vehicle interior. This set offers a variety of high-quality tools for every requirement. With the interior accessories set you can achieve a deep and gentle cleaning that will make the interior of your vehicle shine in new splendor.

Contents of the set:

  1. Leather brush : cleaning brush for cleaning leather and textiles.
  2. Liquid Elements Brush Set of 5 : Versatile detail brushes for precise and detailed vehicle care.
  3. Liquid Elements Ultra Soft Brush Black and White, in sizes S and M : Suitable for gentle work on the vehicle interior as well as outside.
  4. 2x Liquid Elements Bilateral interior microfiber cloth 40x40cm, 380gsm: High-quality microfiber cloths for interior care.
  5. 2x Liquid Elements Peppermint microfiber cloth 40x40cm, 500gsm: With its extremely fluffy structure, it is ideal for processing dry laundry.