Motorcycle care - cleaning set

Motorcycle care - cleaning set

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The motorcycle care set for cleaning offers a holistic solution to not only clean your motorcycle effectively, but also to care for and protect it . With this kit you can carry out a comprehensive cleaning, ranging from dry washing to detailed work, to keep your bike in optimal condition.

Contents of the set :

  1. Liquid Elements Easy Clean Dry Wash, 1L: This product allows you to clean your motorcycle quickly and efficiently without water. It is ideal for removing dirt, dust and other contaminants, leaving a radiant shine. Perfect for use between thorough washes or when you don't have access to water.
  2. Liquid Elements Gray Soft Brush - Brush Set: The set includes different sizes of brushes. They make it possible to effectively clean even hard-to-reach places such as corners, crevices and other detailed areas without damaging the surfaces.
  3. Set of 5 Liquid Elements Value microfibre cloths, 40x40cm, 310gsm: These all-purpose cloths are versatile and are ideal for general cleaning, wiping off dust and dirt as well as light polishing work.
  4. 2x Ultra Finish microfiber cloth, 40x40cm, 1200gsm: These high-quality detailing cloths with their extremely high GSM number are particularly soft and are perfect for final polishing.