Snow Foam - "Foam Party" set of 3 + ALTA Foamer

Snow Foam - "Foam Party" set of 3 + ALTA Foamer

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Experience a revolutionary type of vehicle cleaning with the ALTA 2000 Foam Party set of 3 that is not only effective but also fragrant. This set, consisting of a high-quality ALTA 2000 VITON FOAM foam sprayer and three unique Foam Party scents , offers a comprehensive solution for a thorough pre-wash of your vehicle. The ALTA 2000 foam sprayer, equipped with durable Viton seals and an integrated flat jet nozzle, produces a dense, long-lasting cleaning foam that effectively dissolves dirt. The three different scents ensure a pleasant scent experience, while the high-quality surfactants in the Foam Party Snow Foam effortlessly dissolve stubborn dirt. No matter whether it's a car, bicycle or motorcycle, the Foam Party set of 3 makes cleaning easier and more pleasant. Prepare yourself optimally for the new season and enjoy a vehicle that is not only clean but also smells fresh .

Contents of the set :

  1. 1x ALTA 2000 VITON FOAM foam sprayer , 1.8 liters: Suitable for alkaline and acidic cleaners / Size: 40 x 40 x 32.5 cm / Max. operating pressure: 2.0 bar Plastic/metal pump, level indicator, Viton seal, ergonomic handle / 3 x replacement foam nozzles (green = strong/thick, yellow = medium, red = weak/thin)
  2. 3x Liquid Elements Foam Party Cleaning Foam 1.0L - Scent (No.1, Deep Ice and Unicorn): Moistens your vehicle with a dense and thick foam that effectively dissolves coarse dirt and makes hand washing easier.