Towel Reset - Microfiber Detergent, 1L

Towel Reset - Microfiber Detergent, 1L
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TOWEL RESET - MICROFIBER DETERGENT 1L Liquid Elements Towel Reset is a special microfiber... more


Liquid Elements Towel Reset is a special microfiber detergent. Only a small amount of 30-70ml is needed for a washing machine cycle. The amount used depends on the degree of soiling and the amount of towels. For a half-full machine with lightly used towels, 30ml is sufficient. For a full machine or heavily soiled towels, 50ml should be dosed as a guideline. It deeply cleans all delicate microfibers, removes polish residues, dirt and/or residues of ceramic sealants such as Liquid Elements EcoShield.

The high-quality ingredients give the fibers their natural shape back with every wash. The detergent specially developed for microfibers effortlessly removes polish, sealant, wax, dirt and other impurities and gives off a fresh scent. Towel Reset protects the microfibers in the long term and prevents them from sticking together. At the same time, it ensures a high dirt and water absorption capacity of the fibers. Free of softeners and optical brighteners.


· Deeply cleans all microfiber products

· Also cleans foam products such as polishing pads

· Free of synthetic softeners, perfumes or colorants

· Ph-neutral


1. Add 30-50ml with the microfiber towels to the washing machine

2. Fill Towel Reset into the powder compartment of the washing machine.

3. Set the washing machine to a maximum of 60°C and gentle cycle and let it wash.

4. After the wash, remove the towels from the washing machine and shake them vigorously

5. Hang the towels up to dry afterwards


- Do not put more than about 80ml of Towel Reset in the washing machine, otherwise the machine will "foam up"

- If there are still sealant residues in towels or gloves after washing at 60°C, the towels and/or gloves must be washed once at 90°C or boiled

Variant 1000ml & 100ml Towel Reset
Delivery: Towel Reset in bottle

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