Adapter mount for "A1000"
Adapter mount for "A1000"
Adapter mount for "A1000"
Adapter mount for "A1000"
Adapter mount for "A1000"

Adapter mount for "A1000"

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The Liquid Elements adapter holders are specially designed for the A1000 series of polishing machines and offer versatile application options for all generations of the A1000 series, with the exception of the 12 mm eccentric attachment, which is not suitable for the V4 generation.
These adapter mounts allow you to significantly expand the functionality of your A1000 polishing machine and adapt it for a wide range of polishing jobs.

The available variants include :

  1. Rotary attachment : This attachment turns your eccentric polisher into a rotary polisher, allowing for more intensive and precise processing, ideal for experienced users.
  2. 3mm Eccentric Attachment : Perfect for fine and detailed polishing work, this attachment offers low eccentricity, which is particularly useful on delicate surfaces.
  3. 12 mm Eccentric Attachment : Provides greater eccentricity for more effective surface machining, but is not compatible with the A1000 V4 generation.
  4. Brush attachment including holder : This attachment is ideal for cleaning and pre-treating surfaces and expands the possible uses of the A1000 polishing machine.
These adapter mounts allow users to maximize the versatility of their A1000 polisher and use it for a variety of polishing tasks. They are easy to install and increase the adaptability and efficiency of polishing work.