Folding bucket 7L

Folding bucket 7L

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Our practical 7L folding bucket is the ideal solution for on the go! This compact folding bin is perfectly tailored to the needs of car washing and offers you maximum flexibility with minimal space requirements.

The 7L folding bucket is lightweight, compact and folds effortlessly. Ideal for car lovers who don't want to miss out on an efficient car wash when they're on the move. Despite its compact size, the folding bucket holds an impressive 7 liters of water .

The wall of the folding bin is made of water-repellent nylon, while the base is made of sturdy plastic. The handle, made of steel, with a rubberized handle, offers additional comfort and pleasant handling.

The folding bucket is foldable and stands upright on its own , even if only part of it is filled with water. The complete waterproofness ensures a clean and problem-free car wash.

Delivery includes storage bag.