Lubricant "Clay Lube" - for cleaning clay
Lubricant "Clay Lube" - for cleaning clay

Lubricant "Clay Lube" - for cleaning clay

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Lubricant "Clay Lube" - for cleaning clay

The Liquid Elements Clay Lube is the ideal lubricant for effective and gentle use of cleaning clay on your vehicle. This specially developed product ensures that the cleaning clay has excellent gliding properties on the paint surface, significantly reducing the risk of scratches . Unlike traditional lubricants such as dishwashing liquid, Clay Lube prevents the clay from porous decay, thereby maximizing its lifespan. The high-quality ingredients of the Clay Lube are designed to protect the clay and at the same time enable thorough cleaning. Lubricant residue can be easily removed, making the cleaning process not only more effective but also more pleasant.

Characteristics :

  • Area of ​​application: cleaning clay
  • pH value at 20°C: ~7
  • Special features: Prevents scratches and porous decay of the modeling clay