Interior cloths - set

Interior cloths - set

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The interior cloth set offers a comprehensive selection of microfiber cloths that are specifically designed for vehicle interior care. These wipes provide an effective and safe way to clean and maintain various surfaces without causing scratches or damage. With different specifications and areas of application, the set covers all essential interior care needs .

Contents of the set :

  1. 2x Liquid Elements Bilateral interior microfiber cloth 40x40cm, 380gsm: Premium microfiber cloths for effective and gentle cleaning.
  2. 2x Liquid Elements Peppermint microfiber cloth 40x40cm, 500gsm: With its extremely fluffy structure, it is ideal for processing dry laundry.
  3. 2x Liquid Elements Streak Buster windshield cleaning cloth 35x35cm, 400gsm: Premium cloths for streak-free windshield cleaning.
  4. 2x Liquid Elements Carbon disc cleaning cloth 40x40cm, 300gsm: with real carbon fiber structure for a unique experience when cleaning glass surfaces.
  5. Pack of 5 Liquid Elements Value microfiber cloths 40x40cm, 310gsm: High-quality microfiber cloths that are used to remove lubricant residues and dissolved impurities.
  6. 2x Liquid Elements Blue Breeze microfiber all-purpose cloth 40x40cm, 350gsm: can be used for all areas of application and enables the best results.