Ceramic coating - set
Ceramic coating - set
Ceramic coating - set
Ceramic coating - set
Ceramic coating - set

Ceramic coating - set

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Contents:Eco Shield
Set version:basic
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The Liquid Elements ceramic coating set is a comprehensive set for the application of a high-quality ceramic sealant , which has been specially developed to provide the exterior of your vehicle with long-lasting and extremely hard protection . The products included are carefully selected to ensure optimal application and excellent results.

Different set versions :

  • Liquid Elements ECO Shield High-End Ceramic Coating 50ml: This highly developed ceramic coating offers excellent protection for the painted surface of your vehicle. It creates an extremely durable protective layer that protects against environmental influences, dirt, water and UV radiation. The formulation ensures a long-lasting effect and improves the appearance of the paint with a deep shine.
  • Liquid Elements Base Coat 9H Ceramic Coating 50ml: The base coat reinforces the protective function by forming an ultra-hard 9H layer that additionally protects against scratches, chemicals and corrosion. This layer serves as a solid foundation for the ECO Shield, maximizing its adhesion and protective properties.
  • 10x Liquid Elements Scatter Applicator for Ceramic Sealants: These applicators are specifically designed for the even and precise application of ceramic coatings. They allow controlled distribution of the product to achieve optimal coverage.
  • Liquid Elements Applicator Block for Ceramic Coating: The applicator block is intended for use with the Scatter applicators and offers comfortable and efficient handling during the application of the ceramic coating.
  • Liquid Elements Eraser microfiber cloth (10 pieces or 20 pieces) 40x40cm, 250gsm: These specially developed microfiber cloths are ideal for removing excess ceramic coating after application. They guarantee a lint-free and scratch-free finish by precisely absorbing excess material without damaging the freshly applied layer.
  • Liquid Elements Isopropanol "IPA" 1.0L: Is an indispensable product for thoroughly preparing your vehicle for polishing and sealing processes. With a purity level of 99.9%, this isopropanol is extremely effective when it comes to dissolving and removing stubborn residues such as grease or fillers from the vehicle surface.
  • 2x Liquid Elements Blue Breeze microfiber all-purpose cloth 40x40cm, 350gsm: The microfiber cloth is suitable for almost all work on the outside and inside of the vehicle, whether removing wax or polish residue or cleaning the interior.