Kneading glove “Clay Mitt”

Kneading glove “Clay Mitt”

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The Clay Mitt kneading glove from Liquid Elements revolutionizes vehicle care with its innovative two-sided function. On the one hand made of high-quality microfiber material for gentle washing and on the other with a special kneading surface , this glove effectively replaces conventional paint cleaning kneading dough. It is designed to gently remove light dirt and can be used on all smooth surfaces such as paint, windows, headlights and rims. By using the Clay Mitt during regular vehicle washing, you save valuable time and work steps without having to forego thorough pre-cleaning before polishing or preparation.

Characteristics :

  • Material: microfiber fabric and kneading surface
  • Areas of application: vehicle washing, paint cleaning
  • Special features: Two-sided use, saves the kneading step