Paint cleaning - set

Paint cleaning - set

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The paint cleaning set is the ideal choice for thorough and gentle car paint care . This set is an essential kit for anyone who wants to professionally and comprehensively care for their vehicle paint.

Contents of the set:

  1. Liquid Elements Decon One Premature and rust film remover 1.0L: Ideal for pre-treatment before the actual vehicle wash.
  2. Liquid Elements Pearl Rain Car Shampoo 1.0L: High-quality shampoo with strong cleaning performance for vehicle washing. In the scent Cherry Tec.
  3. Liquid Elements Double Grab wash mitt 28x30cm: This innovative wash mitt combines a 2-sided microfiber structure for first-class cleaning results.
  4. Liquid Elements Fly Away Insect Remover Gel 500ml: A slightly alkaline cleaner for safely removing insects.
  5. Liquid Elements Easy Clean Dry Wash 1.0L: The perfect two-in-one product for effective and gentle vehicle cleaning without water.
  6. Liquid Elements Peppermint microfiber cloth 40x40cm, 500gsm: With its extremely fluffy structure, it is ideal for processing dry laundry.
  7. Pack of 5 Liquid Elements Value microfiber cloths 40x40cm, 310 GSM: High-quality microfiber cloths that are used to remove lubricant residues and dissolved impurities.