Motorcycle care - set glass + visor

Motorcycle care - set glass + visor

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The motorcycle glass and visor care set offers a comprehensive solution to clean the glass surfaces and the visor effectively and without leaving streaks . With this set you can ensure that your motorcycle not only shines on the outside, but that you also maintain a clear view while driving. The specially selected products in this set are ideal for cleaning and maintaining all glass surfaces on your motorcycle and also provide a simple and efficient way to keep your helmet's visor clean .

Contents of the set :

  1. Liquid Elements See You Glass Cleaner 1L and 100ml : This highly effective glass cleaner removes dirt, insect residue and fingerprints without leaving streaks or streaks. The effective formula ensures clear vision and thus increases safety.
  2. 3x Liquid Elements Streak Buster glass cleaning cloth 35x35cm, 400gsm: These specially developed glass cloths are perfect for streak-free and lint-free cleaning. Their high quality and GSM count (grams per square meter) allow the glass cleaner to be applied and distributed effectively while removing excess product and leaving a flawless finish.