Polishing pad impregnation “Pad Prime”

Polishing pad impregnation “Pad Prime”

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Hazard warnings for
Polishing pad impregnation “Pad Prime”

GHS07 GHS07 (Achtung): Reizend
H302: Gesundheitsschädlich bei Verschlucken.
H312 (Gefahr): Gesundheitsschädlich bei Hautkontakt.
H332 (Gefahr): Gesundheitsschädlich bei Einatmen.
H315 (Gefahr): Verursacht Hautreizungen.
H319: Verursacht schwere Augenreizung.

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The polishing pad impregnation "Pad Prime" prevents polish from drying on the polishing pad during the polishing process, making this agent an indispensable component when polishing.

Thanks to the “Pad Prime”, dust formation during polishing is reduced and polish removal is simplified .

  • Can be used on all polishing pads
  • Reduces dust formation
  • Suitable for foam and microfiber pads
  • Better processing of the polish
  • PH-level neutral