Cleaning clay - set

Cleaning clay - set

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The cleaning clay set from Liquid Elements is a complete package for deep cleaning of car paint, which is also ideal for preparing for detailed preparation . This set contains everything you need to remove deep-seated contaminants such as tar, resin or industrial dust from the paint that cannot be removed by conventional washing.

Contents of the set :

  1. Liquid Elements Clay Lube Knet - Lubricant 1.0L: A specially developed lubricant that is optimized for use with cleaning clay. It ensures that the clay glides smoothly over the paint surface.
  2. Liquid Elements cleaning clay 100 grams, blue, medium: A medium-strength clay that works effectively against a variety of surface contamination without damaging the paint.
  3. Pack of 5 Liquid Elements Value microfiber cloths 40x40cm, 310 GSM: High-quality microfiber cloths that are used to remove lubricant residues and dissolved impurities.