Dry laundry “Easy Clean”
Dry laundry “Easy Clean”
Dry laundry “Easy Clean”

Dry laundry “Easy Clean”

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Dry laundry “Easy Clean”

Discover the “Easy Clean” dry laundry from Liquid Elements, the perfect two-in-one product for effective and gentle vehicle cleaning without water . This innovative formula allows for quick and easy cleaning of the entire exterior of your vehicle and is particularly practical when there is no access to a wash box.

Easy Clean only requires a microfiber cleaning cloth to easily remove loosened dirt, ideal for quick cleaning in between or at events. Thanks to the lubricating film, which dries slowly, Easy Clean is also ideal as a lubricant for the use of cleaning clay. It leaves no greasy residue and is safe for foils and matte finishes .

If there is heavy dirt, it is advisable to wash it thoroughly by hand first to avoid scratches. Easy Clean is available in different sizes: The 1L and 100ml versions come in a practical spray bottle, while the 5L version comes in a box.


  • Cleaning without water (Rinselless Wash),
  • quickly and effectively
  • gentle cleaning
  • Lubricant for cleaning clay
  • applicable on all surfaces
  • suitable for foils and matt varnishes
  • no smearing residue