Yeti Pad - Microfiber polishing pad B-stock 150mm

Yeti Pad - Microfiber polishing pad B-stock 150mm

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These are originally packaged and unopened goods. However, it can happen that the adhesive on the B-stock pads comes off between the Velcro mount and the foam. The polishing sponges are therefore only designed for one-time use.

A refund/complaint is excluded in this case.

The Liquid Elements Yeti pads made of high-quality microfibers produce an ideal sanding effect on eccentric polishing machines.
At high speeds and coarse grinding polishes, it is possible to achieve the maximum cut with an eccentric machine.

Alternatively, the Liquid Elements Yeti Pads can also be used at low speeds with a high-gloss polish
a quick way to achieve an excellent and shiny finish.


80% polyester
20% polyamides